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Bid Buy Sold is Australia's leading General Goods Auction Room. At only 30 minutes from the Sydney CBD and close to public transport, it's easy to Bag A Bargain at Bid Buy Sold.

Sunday 27th April - New Beds, Mattresses, Bikes, Hot Water Units, Watches, Appliances. Next Catering Sale Monday 5th May - Ice Cream, Groceries, Retail Stock

Thursday 24th April Food, Groceries, Ice Cream, Fragrances, Retail & Market Stock, Spray Cans, Paint & Stains, Lounges, Furniture, Mattresses & Beds

Sunday 27th April Bikes, Gym Gear, Hot Water Units, Watches, Paint/Stain/Spray Cans, Camping, Hardware, Outdoor & Home Furniture, Mattresses

Tuesday 29th April New Mobile Phones, New GPS Units, Ex Lease Laptop & Computers, Damaged Business Equipment, $20,000 iPhone & iPad Cases

Thursday 1st May Camping, Groceries, Food, Ice Cream, Retail & Market Stock, Home Furniture, Lounges, Bedding, Paint & Woodcare, Automotive

Monday 5th May Ice Cream, Food, Groceries, Party Supplies, Washing Powder, Personal Care, Cleaning Products, Retail & Market Stock, Fridges

Tuesday 6th May New Mobile & Smart Phones, New GPS Units, Ex Lease Computers & Laptops, Damaged IT Gear, iPad & iPhone Cases & Covers

Saturday 10th May Gym Gear, Fragrances, Watches, Electricals, Retail Stock, Hot Water Units, Lounges, Mattresses, Home Furniture, Paint/Stain

Monday 19th May Catering - Ice Creams, Food Stock, Washing Powder & Liquid, Home Cleaning Products, Party Supplies, Market Stock, Fridges

Insurance Claim - 90 x Pallets - S/Steel Kitchen Sinks, Brand Name Household Bathroom & Kitchen Tapware, Bathroom Fittings

Weekly Sales - Insurance Stock - New Workwear & Accessories, New Work Boots, Gloves, Safety Goggles, High Vis Clothing