Bid Buy Sold is one of Australia's leading general goods auction rooms. We have built our business on the collective experience of Australia's leading Auctioneers and Valuers as well as long standing relationships with Australia's leading retailers, loss adjusters, insurance companies, importers, wholesalers, corporate entities, finance companies, liquidators, major banks, and a host of other industry contacts.

Bid Buy Sold has also built its business and reputation from its relationships with its buyers, traders, resellers, wholesalers and the general public. We provide an outlet where our buyers can come and bid for a huge variety of quality goods which have been consigned to us for genuine sale.

Many products cannot be sold online - there is a strong and continuing demand for traditional auctions.

Bid Buy Sold's traditional auctions provide a marketplace and an opportunity for a large percentage of the market that do not participate in Online Auctions for the following reasons:

  • A majority of buyers don't have the confidence given the amount of online fraud.
  • It is a lot harder to buy some goods online and the photos sometimes don't show the true value of the goods.
  • At live auction there is greater access to a larger range of items which can be bought in one day without the added costs of expensive online freight charges.
  • Large items bought online generate expensive freight charges which add extra costs to the initial purchase price of the goods.
  • A large percentage of buyers don't have the same confidence bidding online as they do at live auction - they can see who they are bidding against at a live auction.
  • Damaged goods, factory seconds, returned stock, furniture, household items, need to be well inspected and assessed before purchase
  • A large percentage of the market still enjoy the thrill and excitement of bidding at a live auction - this strong competition generates higher returns for our vendors.
  • Online auctions in most circumstances attract freight charges for every item and in some cases, higher buyers premiums greatly reduces the vendors returns.

Our Commitment to Traditional Auctions

A number of major changes have taken place within the auction industry. Some of our competitors have moved away from traditional auction rooms (live auctions) altogether, to concentrate on selling goods via online auction.

This has generated a great deal of anxiety from within our industry sector due to storm, water, fire and transit damaged goods which cannot all be sold online. Wet boxes, low cost items, damaged transit items, contaminated goods with smoke fallout - these items all need to be inspected by potential buyers. They are not equitable to be sold via online sale, hence the need for traditional auctions.